Worming puppies

Worming puppies

Worming your dog:

From 2 weeks old until 3 months old, puppies need worming with an all wormer that targets roundworms eg Drontal or Milpro. They are born with worms that burrow into the puppy still in the uterus so it is important to worm the bitch with an all wormer before she whelps. Pups are also susceptible to picking more up when very young. Worms in puppies can migrate from the gut into the rest of the body and cause serious health problems, even later in life, eg permanent blindness is a problem we sometimes see in dogs at 2 – 3 years of age as a consequence of uncontrolled puppyhood roundworm infections.

From 3 – 6 months pups should be wormed with an all wormer each month.

From 6 months and older, dogs should be given an all wormer every 3 – 4 months.

Flea treatment pour-on products containing wormers treat roundworms only with no tape worm control so are not effective against the flea tapeworm or sheep measles tapeworm. A tablet is required to treat these worms eg Wormicide

Dogs that are on farms or are fed raw meat should be given a tape wormer eg Wormicide, every month to treat the sheep measles tapeworm. This worm causes muscle damage in sheep that pick it up from dog faeces in the pastures.

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