Our vets are experienced in all aspects of farming and provide routine care and animal health planning services as well as emergency care.

We most commonly treat sheep, cattle and deer but also routinely undertake work with horses, pigs and goats. Our showroom stocks a range of animal care products from vaccines, dips and drenches through to ear tags. Should any special need arise or product be required we are happy to help find a solution.

Our large animal facilities include:

  • Farm visits by appointment
  • Ultrasound scanning for sheep, cattle and deer
  • 24 hour emergency care
  • AI for sheep and cattle
  • Breeding soundness checks for rams and bulls
  • Deer velvet harvesting
  • Calf disbudding
  • Animal Health Plans
  • Whole farm consultancy
Veterinary Services - Large Animals

24hr Emergency Service

Call: 06 388 0863

Call: 06 385 4611