We offer advice on health and wellbeing of all life stages of working and pet dogs as well as cats and other pet species, from nutrition to oral care and behaviour.

Our team of vets is experienced and available to provide emergency as well as routine care. Our showroom stocks a range of diets as well as flea control and pet care products along with collars and leads. Should any special need arise we do our best to find a solution.

Our small animal services include:

  • Consultations by appointment
  • Full surgical service from simple stitch-ups to GDV’s (twisted stomachs), caesareans, and most orthopaedic surgeries (from simple broken bones through to more complex procedures including MMP stifle surgery and other referral procedures)
  • Digital X-ray imaging
  • Ultrasound imaging (including pregnancy scanning)
  • 24 hour emergency care
  • Hospital kennelling for dogs
  • Separate cattery ward for hospitalised cats
  • Isolation ward for infectious disease cases

24hr Emergency Service

Call: 06 388 0863

Call: 06 385 4611